Advertising rulers andrulers

Technical measuring and advertising media are perfect helpers for almost all industries. They find their use as an optimal advertising or equally useful tool for daily needs.Whether in a flat standard form or as a contour ruler - in any case an ideal instrument with a large surface for your advertising message.

Advertising rulers and rulers

Combine your advertising messages with a ruler or a useful measuring instrument. Our innovative products are ideal for this purpose.

In our catalogue, you will find the entire range of services with all details on materials and designs.


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Advertising rulers andrulers

  • Flat rulers
  • Calendar rulers
  • Contour rulers & Movies
  • Profile rulers

Rulers with technical function

  • Reduction scale rulers
  • Fan reduction scale rulers
  • Rotating rulers
  • Triangular rulers
  • Geometric set square
  • Crack width gauges
  • Wet film thickness gauge
  • Shaft gauges
  • Roof pitch protractor

Rulers with special function

  • Goniometers
  • Wheal rulers
  • Hemmhof rulers
  • Prick testers
  • Wart rulers
  • French Catheter
  • ECG ruler
  • Optician’s rulers

Product examples

Flat rulers made of plastic
Profile rulers made of plastic
Rulers made of aluminum
Contour rulers
Movie rulers with movable element
Fan reduction rulers in a case
Crack width gauges and wet film thickness gauges
Shaft gauges and geometric set squares
Goniometer, finger-goniometer
French Catheter, prick tester, hemmhof ruler, wheal ruler
ECG rulers, optician´s ruler

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