Data slider and
data discs

Data sliders or data discs can be used to graphically and quickly display complex computation processes, the reading of table values ​​or the relationships between products and the field of application.
The field of application of these measuring instruments is possible for almost all industries.

Data sliders and data discs

Finding fast solutions by simply pushing or turning.

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Data sliders and Data discs

  • BMI calculators
  • Fitness calculator
  • Body surface area calculator
  • Body fat calculator
  • Creatinine clearance calculator
  • Testosterone calculator
  • Growth hormone calculator
  • Iron deficiency calculator
  • Pain ruler
  • Heart attack calculator
  • Pregnancy disc
  • Tri-Fit calculator 

Data sliders and data discs
Construction and technology

  • Combi-calculator dew point and crack width
  • Heating energy calculator
  • Electricity cost calculator
  • Insulation value calculator
  • Milling value calculator
  • Cutting data calculator
  • Cutting speed calculator
  • Steel weight calculator
  • Steel tube calculator
  • Hardness conversion table
  • Reflection calculator
  • Disc/slider for production selection
  • Nozzle calculator

Product examples

BMI calculators, body surface area calculator
Milling calculator, reflection calculator, cutting speed calculator
Iron deficiency data slide, Creatinine clearance calculator, pain ruler
Electricity cost calculator, insulation value calculator,
Slide rule for product selection, sliding disc for product selection

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