New products, educational materials and gifts

Rulers are not just part of the basic needs of everyday school life. Whether as a gift idea for the “Zuckertüte” (large cone filled with sweets given to children in Germany on their first day at school), office helper or giveaway – due to its versatile uses, this measuring instrument becomes an indispensable commodity.

New products:
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New products, educational materials and gifts

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New products

  • Stopping distance calculator
  • Measuring pole for children
  • Differenzler card Jass (card game accessories)

Educational materials and gifts

  • Reading aid
  • Ruler and book mark
  • Bookmark (motif)
  • Rulers
  • Geometric set square
  • Note ruler
  • Point ruler for blackboard or overhead
  • Movies
  • Contour rulers

Product examples

Kids growstick
Ice scraper, emergency board
Reading ruler for children and book mark
Geometric set square, ruler
Movie rulers with movable element
Contour rulers

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