Stencils and
custom-made products

We are the specialist for stencils of all kinds. In addition to our standard products, we design for you your individual product for your specific task according to your specifications and wishes.

Stencils and custom-made products

Please contact us directly for your individual product.

In our catalogue, you will find the entire range of services with all details on materials and designs.


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  • Radii template
  • Kitchen template
  • Potato template
  • Asparagus template
  • Brussels sprouts template
  • Screw measuring aid

Custom-made products

  • Measuring pole for children
  • Planting frame
  • Ice scraper
  • Emergency board
  • flexible, roll able tape measure
  • Differenzler card Jass (card game accessories)

Product examples

Radius gauage, potatoe stencil
Various stencils
Kids growstick
Flexible, rollable tape measure
Ice scraper, emergency board

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