Foil signs and labels
for special areas

Labelling systems can be found everywhere. The range is very diverse and covers a wide range of possible applications. In any case, labelling systems are essential for industry and the production of goods.

High-performance foils 

Schreiner Coburg implements the complex demands for labelling requirements with high-performance foils from 3M.
Depending on the contact area or requirement, the foil signs are produced in screen printing or digital printing in Coburg. According to your wishes and requirements, we can deliver your optimal solution from a variety of materials, surfaces, shapes and high-quality foils.

Application examples for labelling solutions:

  • Foil labels for cartridges and gas cylinder
    Marking is carried out according to European-wide DIN EN 1089
  • Foil signs for children's vehicles
  • Metal signs and pictograms

Safety and rescue marking

  • Escape sign
  • Fire safety signs
  • Fire brigade signs
  • Warning signs
  • Prohibition signs
  • Mandatory Signs
  • Information signs
  • Safety marking at the workplace
  • Safety marking for work vehicles

Operating designation and information signs

  • Floor markings, marking foils
  • Treads labelling
  • Pictograms and symbols
  • Company notices

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