Markings for 
product and design

Corporate design, workplace guidelines and product safety are different sides of the same coin, but nevertheless inseparable. 
They are all used in pictograms, switchboards, membrane keyboards or window panes as windows and design components for complete machine manufacturing units.

Products for mechanical and plant engineering / indoor and outdoor use

Partially movable design front with display of production progress through an LED shaft
  • Viewing window as a design component
    made of polycarbonate, impact resistant

  • Electronic keyboards
    control panels deep drawn with conductor tracks
  • Control desks
    assembled with plastic switches
  • Corporate design / product labelling
    acrylic full letters with high performance glue
  • Switchboards
    made of polycarbonate, temperature resistant
  • Keyboard foils and operating instructions
    weather-resistant, UV-stable high-performance foil
    for outdoor use
  • Control panel
    with self-adhesive foil for outdoor use
  • Information signs and safety labels


So far the large-scale machines from WALDRICH COBURG made in Germany have been built to customer specifications, the machine design was of secondary importance.
For the new TAURUS - as first standard machine - the machine design played a particular role. The designers have already been involved in early stages of development. The machine design which radiates power, precision and high quality brings the portal milling machine in clear, well laid out structures.

The machine marking is carried out by Schreiner Coburg.

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