European Central Bank

European Central Bank

Guidance and orientation system New Premises Frankfurt

The new headquarters of the European Central Bank on the site of the former Grossmarkthalle in Frankfurt has been completed. The building with its spectacular architecture, the successful integration of Martin Elsaesser's Grossmarkthalle from 1928 and the exposed positioning in urban space change the usual image of the city from all perspectives. The new headquarters can accommodate 2,900 people and, with the comprehensive conference centre within the Grossmarkthalle, is the venue for major international conferences as well as the monthly meeting ECB Governing Council.

Following an international selection process, in 2007 unit-design was commissioned to design the guidance and information system as well as the brand representation for the interior and exterior space of the new ECB. The design of the sign elements, in interplay with the architecture, tries to create transparency and long-distance effects through seemingly floating three-dimensional fonts and to create a noticeable identity at the respective facilities. The colour and materiality of the metal elements with their yellow, transparent backgrounds, in correspondence with the materials used in the building, have their own character and form a fine, multifaceted detail. Font and pictograms were developed especially for the production technique used. The design of the system harmonises with the modern office building as well as with the historic elements of the Grossmarkthalle.

"One of the most photographed objects in Frankfurt."


Builder Eurpean Central Bank
Specialist planner Unit-Design
Supplier since 2011
Performance 100% own work
Installation with
own technicians