Visual communication and information in public space

Visual communication and public information projects are demanding tasks in every respect - for designers as well as for the realizing companies.

Competent and unconventional partners are indispensable for implementing design concepts in high-quality corporate design projects.
We set the highest standards in prototype development, design and installation.

Building signage

Implementation of the information on the building

Guidance and
orientation systems

Routing with high design standards in the interior and exterior areas

Illuminated advertising

Perfect illumination and absolute colour accuracy with Schreiner Identlight®

Stelae and pylons

Information meets architecture


Foil inscription

High-quality foils in standard and special colours

Stencilling and
screen printing on site

Precise implementation of communicative content on a variety of substrates

Braille / tactile signs

Numerous signposts serve the people for the spatial orientation in complex buildings.For the information transfer, they are very important for persons with visual restrictions in order to find their way easily and safely. Barrier-free guidance systems with labelling in tactile profile font and Braille are a great help.

Equal opportunities through accessibility!

Tactile guidance and orientation systems

Target oriented orientation through the combination of optical and haptic information

Tactile signs and
handrail signs

Orientation by touching - safe and independent to the desired destination

Tactile maps and
foil signs

Secure orientation through tactile support in foreign buildings already in the entrance area

We manufacture considering the valid DIN standard 32986: 2015-01 / DIN standard 32976: 2007-08


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